The most valuable asset we have is our provider relationships. We are dedicated to providing services that bridge the gap between participating health plans and our provider & member networks with the mutual goal of efficiently delivering quality health care services. As a result our participating providers find that they can operate more efficiently and focus more on patient care. Working together we create a smooth delivery platform for quality health care that benefits our members and community.

What some of our physicians are saying about RCMG:

“Even though I’m a provider for RCMG, I still work for myself. I do my own thing and I get rewarded. The group takes care of contracting with the health plans and patients get assigned. They take care of the administrative functions and pay my claims. That way I can focus on what is most important, patient care. From the beginning, RCMG has been run by doctors and it makes a huge difference.”
Dr. Pira Rochanayon, Internal Medicine


“I would tell people they need to contract with River City Medical Group if they can because they are a well-run company and they have started doing things that make sense such as electronic referrals. They are local which means when someone from my office calls River City Medical Group about billing, they talk to the same billing people and get to know them. And they can see each other in person if needed. River City Medical Group has competent management and their staff better understands the doctors and patient needs. All of this creates an atmosphere where things move faster and more smoothly because of this common knowledge”
Dr. Nathan Allen, OB/GYN


“I like how good River City Medical Group’s customer service is and how it allows her not to be bogged down while dealing with 800 numbers that disconnect. None of the other managed care providers offer that level of customer service and personalization”
Melissa, Office Manager Dr. Nathan Allen


“I have easy access to River City Medical Group’s portal. A lot of patients can’t relay their last hospital visit or what their condition was. Now the portal makes this problem a lot easier to manage.”
Anh Huynh Nguyen, M.D.