In late 2016 we here at RCMG lost a dear friend and valued colleague. Dr. Jack Keating passed away in October 2016 but his memory and contributions to both, this organization and the community, will be remembered by all of us here.

Over the course of his 40 years career as a Physician, Policy Maker and Managed Care Executive he served Sacramento and guided Managed Care policy to improve health care systems. Drawing on his experiences as the father of 5 children, a Polio survivor and his 30+ years of service as a practicing Pediatrician, his approach to managed care operations and policy always put the needs of the patient first.

Although Jack officially joined River City Medical Group only three years ago he helped guide River City Medical Group to grow for the better. Previously, he had served as Associate Medical Director for State Health Programs and Community Solutions at Foundation Health/ and HealthNet with the same dedication to service and caring. As one of our executives put it “He was like a God Father to Sacramento Medi-Cal”. He was also a long-time member of the Children’s Health Advisory Board and only Managed Care Medical Director to Champion the continuation of California Children’s Services.

In honor of his legacy River City’s Board of Directors has established an annual Jack Keating Award to recognize network physicians that exemplify his leadership and dedication to providing quality care to River City Medical Group Members.