July 6, 2016 – The California Department of Health Care services announced in January of 2016 that Aetna and United Health Care (United) would be added to the list of existing health plans competing for the Medi-Cal population in Sacramento County. The exact date when the new health plans will be starting operations has yet to be set by the DHCS. Of the two new plans, Aetna contracts with delegated IPA’s and has signed a detailed health services contract with RCMG. The agreement, as discussed, looks to be the start of a good partnership. Aetna’s willingness to develop innovative new programs with the Medi-Cal providers in the Sacramento area mirrors RCMG’s commitment to the same. Upon successful completion of the contract Aetna will be joining the group of valued RCMG health plan partners that currently include Anthem Blue Cross, Health Net and Molina.