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River City Medical Group (RCMG) is a progressive Independent Physician Association (IPA) uniquely dedicated to serving both the Medi-Cal and Medicare populations. It is our mission to recognize and meet the needs of our diverse cultural and socio-economic communities while treating our members with compassion and respect. We strive to provide quality health care, using our resources responsibly to benefit our patients. RCMG serves as the bridge between Health Plans, Patients and Care Providers.

As one of the largest IPAs in Northern California specializing in Medi-Cal and Medicare, RCMG helps people gain access to health care and connects them with other support resources in the region.


River City Medical Group makes utilization management decisions based on careful review of cases by medical professionals.  All medical decisions are made using evidence based guidelines. These guidelines are available upon request by calling 916-228-4300.

Each case is reviewed for appropriateness of care, verification of coverage and the allowable levels of benefits in the plan. River City Medical Group does not specifically reward practitioners or other individuals for issuing denials of coverage.  Furthermore, River City Medical Group does not offer financial incentives to utilization management decision makers to encourage decisions that would result in under-utilization of care.